Neue Westfälische, Johannes Vetter, 14.9.2019

Martin Helmchen….wird zum hoch sensiblen Berserker, den man im Verdacht haben muss, noch irgendwo eine dritte Hand zur Verfügung zu haben. Die Präzision scheint maschinell, die Expression ist seelenvoll, die Spielfreude ekstatisch. Helmchen stellt so manchen „Konzertlöwen“ in den Schatten, hat aber gar nicht die Attitüde dieser Spezies.  


Le Devoir - Christophe Huss, 30.11.2018

“Et, par-dessus tout, une conception quasi irréelle du poids des notes, nombre d’entre elles allégées en une sorte de duvet musical, certaines attaques et transitions venant d’un autre monde. Ce fut tellement invraisemblable que c’en est indescriptible… Martin Helmchen capture l’éther et le fait enter en résonance naturelle. Tout ce que je sais, c’est que […]


The Telegraph – Ivan Hewett, 24.06.2016

“His performance was in many ways exemplary, particularly in the slow movement, where his timid responses to the stern phrases from the orchestra seemed to reach us from some infinitely sad, distant place.”


Classical Source – Colin Anderson, 05.05.2016

“Martin Helmchen essayed the sort of playing that delights in itself – crisp, clear, dynamic, with a range of touch – and also at-one with the music, with no need to make points but with plenty of personality and many musical insights.”


Der Tagesspiegel – Frederik Hanssen, 18.11.15

“With Bach’s partita in A minor, Helmchen voices an invitation for an inner contemplation: The way he plays the six dance movements, transparent, so very cantabile and with the devotion of a believing Christian, creates an atmosphere of concentration, a shelter from the burdens of everyday life.”


Bachtrack – Kathryn Wareham, 28.09.15

“Helmchen exuded charisma with precision in each note, lending a different character to every perfectly balanced phrase. He carried his performance with dignity and poise, completely in his element. The movements and gestures Helmchen put into his playing truly reflected the mood of Schumann’s work, creating endless joy and wonder, particularly in his approach to […]


Le Devoir – Christophe Huss, 25.07.15

“Tout est en effet d’une telle détermination, d’une telle préméditation que cette éthique du récital s’impose. Helmchen fait partie de ces artistes (évidemment, on pense à Alfred Brendel) qui possèdent une vision esthétique et culturelle organique d’une oeuvre et dont les doigts traduisent exactement toutes les facettes de cet univers. Avec Helmchen, le contrôle du […]


The New York Times – Zachary Woolfe, 14.12.14

“Mr. Helmchen has a noble bearing and a noble sound, shaping lines as elegant and clean as a Greek temple’s. While Dvořák’s concerto [Dvořák’s Piano Concerto in G minor] is notorious for the discomfort it induces in its soloists, he never seemed to break a sweat, unleashing chromatic runs and laying down octaves with a […]

Read More... – Peter Reed, 29.01.14

“Martin Helmchen is an astonishingly complete musician. He has it all – a technique that embraces a seemingly limitless range of tone, touch, colour and dynamics, underpinned by formidable stamina and lightly-worn-virtuosity… Helmchen is graced with the sort of insight and fierce intelligence that goes deep into the character of music and throws it into […]